The story of Stem and UHS Records started about  13 years ago
when we were still a stoner rap group coming outta
Lake Elsinore Ca.  It was Shurm, Blunt, Pim, Mot, and me, Stem.  
You see, back then Shurm was djing for Stem and helping with
the first bedroom tape which would be one of 3 bedroom tapes
made by Stem.  The tape had 11 songs on it,  all mixed with 2
turntables, a mic and a Gemini PMX 100 dj mixer and recorded
using an old tape deck that I  still have!!
It had Shurm scratching on over half the tape, plus, he's on the
first ever skit which was Stem and Shurm taking a bong rip.  
That track can be heard today on the collection cd  "Scraped
From The Pipe: The Lost Tracks of Stem"
Right around this time UHS was still a click on the streets and
was just Running shit.  After about a year of that it was time to
drop the first cd called "The Stem LP" feat Blunt
on the tables and just repin' that stoner rap.  Now about this
time UHS Records really started coming out.   We dropped the
cd just burning cd's and passin shit out, doing shows, and livin.  
Pim out in Chi-town was also repin'UHS and gettin the word out
with the Stem LP.  About this time we were just working with the
cd and just moving on
with this up and coming label UHS.  When 2002 rolled around
UHS Records was just a few stoner's deep
Blunt & Shurm kinda fell out of the mix and that's when Stem
went solo. That was a good move for his career ,
Pim was still down like the ground like now.  Mot aka Tom
was still kickin it and shit was really coming together.  Me and
Chainsaw got a building and set up a recording studio /
headquarters where we lived and ran UHS RECORDS.
Now it was about this time I started to record the second
album that would become "3 Tokes And I'm Out".  I was just
writing and running through shit but now we would relocate to
San Bernardino Ca  and that's were we dropped  "3 Tokes And
I'm Out".  It was the first cd that landed in the record stores.  
Now when this all went down it was 2003 and we still were
promoting  UHS Records and were doing lil shows here and
there and stuff plus we always be promoting
and decided to come real quick with the 3rd album called
"The Unknown Hooded Stoner".Although the cd would not hit
the streets for another year it would be Stem's biggest album to
that date.  Around this time we just set up
shop in the new studio now called "The Bottom of the bag"
and started to record the 3rd album "The Unknown Hooded
Stoner" and we dropped that Aug-25-2004.  We came out in 5
more stores,  By this time we hooked up with Pot-Tv to air our
first music video "I Need A Bong"
from The Unknown Hooded Stoner.  We did a mini tour in the
Midwest to promote "The Unknown Hooded Stoner" We played
to a totally different crowd and It was the shit!! Around 2005 we
aired our second video from the album called "All Around" and
began work on the first collection cd called "Scraped From The
Pipe The lost Tracks Of Stem"(vol-1) (2005) witch is just a cd
with 4 new song's and un released tracks,
useing a Madlib beat and a Re-mixed 2005 version of the song
"Weed Bound" from the first album called "The Stem lp".  
"Weedbound" would be Stem's biggest video to be aired on
Pot-Tv yet.  The cd's kinda done mixtape style.  It has lost
song's, plus song's from the first 2 cd's.  It was about this time
that we decided to stop dropping full length albums cuz we
wanted to hold out till we had a deal.  That's when we started to
sign other mc's, like Faze-1 and  and also form the stoner rap
group called "The Chronic Keepers".   "The Chronic Keepers
dropped an 8 track Ep called "28 Grams In A Fuckin Oz".  At the
same time I dropped my first Ep called "Lost With No Return"
and just kept promoting and going on the road to let it all off.  
We started the new UHS video dept.  We now have our own Tv
stoner show "The Chronic Resin Show", the eye's  of UHS
Records.In addition to all this we now though we had a deal
with Sonic Wave Intl.To drop our first world wide album:
"The Dead Smoke Lp" 06' (So we thought we had a record
deal,before  we found out that Sonic Wave is a bunch of shady
Underhanded people.) So be on the look out for that,and as for
UHS Records release's for 2007 ,we had "The UHS RECORDS
SAMPLER",Gimics released his first solo album as did Faze
-1,and STEM got to drop his 4th full album "The DEAD SMOKE
LP" 07'  and STEM has been gigin it up in city's like Hollywood
Ca,Newport beach..ect..and has played at venues like "the Key
Club" in Hollywood and night clubs like "the Rhythm Lounge"
plus the Knitting Factory in Hollywood as well. 2008 Has seen
some good days , At the start of the year I was just starting to
wrap up the "Dead Smoke Tour" and get the last music video
done title track "DEAD SMOKE" The video can be found today
on the video page!As well as Pot-Tv, in  May 08', STEM got to
open up a few Shows for the 1 and only ESHAM THE UNHOLY,
On the SACRIFICIAL LAMBZ TOUR,At the "Temple bar" & "the
Blue Cafe"witch was also a  new venue for STEM. STEM has
also got live at the "BLUE CAFE" in Long Beach Ca,for his own
Shows,STEM has also been in HIGH TIMES magazine over on
the POT40 Witch is a TOP 40 for the weed world!.And was #1 in
the (October)08'HIGH TIMES. & remained there at the top for 14
months straight, Any Stoner can respect that! Right now the
plan is to get as many shows as we can and bring that Stoner
rap like UHS knows how,In 2009 STEM released his 5th full
stoner rap album "HIGHPOCRISY" witch hit #2 in HIGH TIMES,
we did more radio interviews,released more video's and
Chronic resin shows,toured,and the events we do keep getting
better all the time, Promotion is better,This year we got to do
our first fund raiser & got live once again in Hollywood on the
sunset blvd,at the world famous Viper Room,This time with
Headliner's Detroit's wicked shit rapper's
Mastamind(who is a Big Influence)on STEM's music,DJ-Butter
Project Born,NATAS and once again ESHAM, STEM hit the real
radio waves in Sep 09' on 1050AM's The Marijuana Show to give
some insight on HIGHPOCRISY..ect ,we released more video's
from the album & are in the Filming of the long a waited
Tockumentry(The Story Of STEM & UHS Records),We got the 5th
Year for the UHS Records HALLOWEED event with a new song!
In 2010/11 STEM come out with his 1st"mix-tape" cd, giving it
out for free on the Internet and is in the making of another,
STEM hash also went back in the studio, UHS's OWN "BOTTOM
OF THE BAG" recording studios,and there STEM has made his %
OR 6th FULL, (Including the STEM.lp.) the cd "THE
HASH DIARIES" & hash made the official music video from the
cd"VENGEANCE RHYME" & hash gotten the song"HASH DARY"
off the new cd,STEM made the HIGH TIMES PO40 at #3 in the
march 2012 issue making the new Hash Diaries cd, STEMs next
chart topping hit album, after "HIGHPOCRISY" STEM HAS ALSO
got back in the mix with fellow UHS starter SHURM, AND WILL BE
So till we make more history stoner's keep listing and watching
& Toking the weed, This is The Unknown Hooded Stoner saying
peace the fuck out!!    ..... STEM.